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die casting.

die casting

Another service of our foundry is magnesium die casting.

With our magnesium die casting productions we can realize small to medium sized series as well as individual components precisely according to the ideas of our customers.
The result: high-quality, application-specific magnesium die-cast components that increase safety and efficiency in the customer’s application.

Magnesium die casting – what is it?

Magnesium die casting is based on a proven hot and cold chamber process. This process is preferably used to produce small to medium-sized components with the highest precision.

Preheated ingots are charged in the melting and holding furnaces, which are equipped with steel crucibles on every die casting machine.

Magnesium is also often referred to as lightweight, as it is known as the lightest metallic construction material. It is therefore used in a wide variety of industries, especially in lightweight construction applications such as the automotive industry, electrical industry and also in handicraft machines.

Magnesium die casting: small components with big functions

But it is not only the lightness that is convincing: due to the low viscosity, thin-walled, large-area components with a high degree of complexity can be produced.

The useful thermal conductivity and effective electromagnetic shielding also make magnesium die-cast products attractive for the mechanical and electrical engineering industries.

For example, complex part geometries can be produced in the fully automated casting cells for small and large series weighing between 0.05 kg and 2 kg.

The components made of magnesium die-cast are also excellent machinable, have a high surface quality and are also characterized by increased damping. Noise and vibrations are thus reliably reduced.

We offer you high-quality components made of die-cast magnesium, which have good ductility, are lightweight and very strong.

Efficiency, speed and optimum process sequences – these are all advantages that our professional magnesium die-casting processes have in store for you.

We would be pleased to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Contact us – we are sure to find a printing solution suitable for your application.

machinery: 300 tons – 800 tons


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