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die casting.

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die casting

first-class components made of magnesium die casting with numerous advantages

Within the scope of our magnesium die-casting production, both small and medium-sized series as well as individual components or entire assemblies can be realized precisely and highly economically according to the ideas of our customers.

The results are high-quality, application-specific die-cast magnesium components that increase safety and efficiency in many applications.

In magnesium die casting, we use a proven hot and cold chamber process that ensures the most effective production possible. Efficiency, speed and optimum process sequences – these are all advantages that our professional magnesium die-casting processes have in store for you.

Enjoy the numerous advantages of magnesium – and let us convince you!

The advantages of our magnesium die casting products at a glance

internal and external production facilities

Guarantee of highest quality, competence and speed due to internal production facilities.

Express die casting

Thanks to optimised logistics and goods supply, deliveries within 72 hours are possible.

first-class casting quality

Strict quality control of all manufactured components to ensure the highest quality

close partnerships

We see ourselves as your partner, and are always personally available to answer your questions.

longstanding market experience

Through many years of competitive experience we combine tradition with innovation.

personalised advice

Individual advice from experienced experts for continuous optimization of profitability.

Our process for first-class magnesium die casting production.

Here we give you an insight into our process for the production of first-class die-cast parts. We have completely optimised and digitalised the entire process from inquiry to dispatch. We combine the highest quality with fast inquiry and order processing.

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Qualification of the request

In a first step, each incoming inquiry is first pre-qualified and, if necessary, optimized together with the customer.

preparation of a proposal

As a customer, you can usually expect a quotation within 48 hours after receipt of the request.

Order processing (digitized)

All orders are finally processed fully automatically. We can ensure proactive communication of production and delivery dates through digitalised processes.

Assurance of first-class quality

In an internal measuring centre, all components are thoroughly tested according to ISO9001 and then sent out together with a test report.

Shipping to the customer

We guarantee insured shipment in secure packaging, with transparent monitoring thanks to permanent tracking of the shipment.

All relevant information about magnesium die casting

Magnesium die casting - what is that?

By means of die casting, metallic objects can be realized in a variety of shapes and designs. One metal that is ideally suited for this purpose is magnesium.

With a specific density of 1.74 g/cm³, magnesium is about one third lighter than aluminium, which has a density of 2.75 g/cm³.

Thus magnesium melts at 650°C, is also very fluid and lighter than other materials for die casting. Due to these properties, magnesium materials are ideally suited for use as alloys in die-casting processes.

The low-viscosity melt (with excellent viscosity) flows very quickly through the moulds and fills them up, so that particularly short cycle times and thus high productivity of the die-casting systems can be achieved.

The parts produced by magnesium die casting can be designed with very thin walls. However, magnesium die-casting requires special know-how of the employees carrying out the die-casting process in order to make optimum use of the material properties.

high-quality castings for demanding industrial areas

As a supplier of castings for companies in various industrial sectors, the parts produced by means of magnesium die casting must meet specific requirements in order to guarantee safe use in the respective application.

For this purpose, the highest possible precision of the castings as well as the possibility to produce complex geometries are indispensable prerequisites.

Our just-in-time supply guarantee, short reaction times and high precision of the parts produced by magnesium die casting offer our customers security in the production process and sustainable business success.

Magnesium die-casting plays a particularly relevant role in those areas of industry where the weight of the cast parts is of primary importance.

Further potential for reducing weight can be tapped in particular through new magnesium alloys, which enable the manufacture of even lighter products.

How does Magensium die-casting work?Wie funktioniert Magensiumdruckguss?

Magnesium die casting is based on a tried and tested hot and cold chamber process. This process is preferably used to produce small to medium-sized components with the highest precision. Preheated ingots are charged in the melting and holding furnaces, which are equipped with steel crucibles in every die-casting machine.

Magnesium is also often referred to as lightweight, as it is known as the lightest metallic construction material. This is why it is used in a wide variety of industries, especially in lightweight construction applications such as the automotive industry, electrical industry and also in handicraft machines.

Small components.
Big functions.

Components made of die-cast magnesium are not only impressive because of their lightness. Due to their low viscosity, thin-walled and large-area components can be produced for various customers at highly economical conditions using the magnesium die casting process.

The useful thermal conductivity and effective electromagnetic shielding also make diecast magnesium products attractive for the mechanical and electrical engineering industries. Thanks to these properties, it is possible to produce complex part geometries in fully automated casting cells for small and large batches weighing between 0.05 kg and 2 kg.

The components made of die-cast magnesium are also outstandingly machinable, have a high surface quality and are also characterised by increased damping. Noise and vibrations are thus reliably reduced. In addition, components made of diecast magnesium have good ductility, are light and very strong.

Contact us – we look forward to developing a die-casting solution together that fits your application.

Machine park: 300 tons – 800 tons



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In addition to the production of high-quality die-cast products and prototypes, we are also happy to be your direct contact for all consulting questions.

You can reach us personally during the week from 07:30 - 18:00.

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