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highly economical production in die-casting quality

Sustainable die casting process

Just-in-time production of thin-walled, filigree components

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Benefit from the numerous advantages of aluminium alloys!

In the aluminium die-casting process, aluminium is cast in a liquid state under high pressure into an individual steel mould. For this purpose, we use our own machinery in combination with the latest technologies, which means that even the finest structures can be reliably filled in right down to the last detail – and at highly economical conditions!

The parts produced by the aluminium die-casting process are characterised on the one hand by high precision and low weight. Thus, the aluminium die-casting process is the most frequently used method to produce high-quality castings in series and is used in numerous branches of industry. Excellent chemical and mechanical properties such as high strength, conductivity, corrosion protection and weight reduction are just a few of the many advantages.

But let us convince you of aluminium die casting and its numerous advantages.

Aluminium profileAluminiumprofil
Aluminium die-cast part
Aluminium die-cast part

What are the advantages of die-cast aluminium parts?

Highly economical

Production by means of multiple & combination die-casting moulds possible, and no reworking required.


good ecological compatibility through optimal material recycling.

Individual consultation

Persönliche Beratung seitens erfahrerner Experten zur kontinuierlichen Optimierung der Wirtschaftlichkeit.

Interne und externe Fertigungsmöglichkeiten

Personal advice from experienced experts for continuous optimization of profitability.

express manufacturing

Thanks to optimised logistics and goods supply, deliveries can be processed within 72 hours.

First class casting quality

Strict quality control of the manufactured components to guarantee the highest quality.

Our process for the production of first-class die-cast aluminium products

Here we give you an insight into our process for the production of first-class die-cast parts. We have completely optimised and digitalised the entire process from inquiry to dispatch. We combine the highest quality with fast enquiry and order processing.

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Qualification of the request

At the beginning of each of our manufacturing processes, a pre-qualification of the incoming inquiry takes place. If necessary, we will also be happy to support you in further optimizing your production requirements.

Proposal preparation

After successful pre-qualification, you can usually expect an offer within 48 hours after receipt of the request.

Digitized job processing

Thanks to the fully automated, digital processing of incoming orders, we guarantee proactive communication of production and delivery dates throughout the entire process.

Quality assurance

All components manufactured by us are thoroughly tested according to ISO9001 before shipment, and a test report is enclosed afterwards.

Uncomplicated shipping

We guarantee the fast receipt of your products through insured shipping in secure packaging with transparent monitoring

All relevant information about aluminium die casting

You could be convinced of the numerous advantages of our aluminium die-cast productions? Here you will find all the information you may need about aluminium die-casting.

Inform now – and profit!


Cold chamber process with many advantages

In the aluminium die-casting process, aluminium is poured in a liquid state under high pressure into an individual steel mould, whereby we use the tried and tested cold chamber process.

Using the latest technologies, we carry out the aluminium die-casting process with our internal machinery. Even the finest structures can be filled out by us down to the last detail.

We have one of the most innovative and versatile foundries in Germany and can offer our customers a comprehensive range of services with various casting processes.

Advantages of the aluminium die casting process:

Parts produced with the aluminium die-casting process are characterised on the one hand by high precision and low weight.

They have good chemical and mechanical properties, such as high strength, conductivity, corrosion protection and weight saving.

The aluminium die-casting process is therefore the most commonly used method for the mass production of high-quality castings and is used in numerous branches of industry.

die-cast aluminium functional elements - many areas of application

Elements manufactured by aluminium die casting combine precision and economy. In addition, die-cast aluminium products are characterised by enormously thin walls and thus a low weight.

Due to their excellent properties, die-cast aluminium parts guarantee safe use in a wide range of applications.

Our die-cast aluminium functional elements are reliably used in the automotive industry (lightweight), the IT sector (excellent electrical shielding properties), in medicine (filigree surgical equipment) and in many industrial sectors (including compressor pumps).

Aluminum die casting for optimal shapes

High-quality, die-cast functional elements can be realised cost-effectively in a short time using aluminium die-casting.

The basic prerequisite for this is the die-cast mould design. This mould – also called tool or die – is a permanent mould which represents the exact negative of the casting in addition to a calculated shrinkage of the desired aluminium workpiece.

In order to ensure the production of optimum, application-specific cast parts using the aluminium die casting process, parameters relevant to the die casting process – such as intelligently designed slides, the correct dimensions of the sprue system and good ventilation of the machine – must be fulfilled! Only then can perfect aluminium workpieces be realised.

In addition, we continuously check the temperature conditions within the steel mould. This enables us to guarantee that the mould can be completely filled with the aluminium alloy and that the material does not start to solidify during the filling process.

Die-cast aluminium: individual, high-quality products

In our processes for aluminium die-casting, we use only the most advanced and modern technologies, which enables us to guarantee flexible and economical production.

We can therefore offer our customers products made to measure, which are exactly tailored to the respective application. Our foundry has state-of-the-art automated casting cells that enable us to reliably cast both medium-sized and large series.

Depending on the requirements, complex part geometries can be produced in the fully automated casting cells for small and large series from 1g to 16 kg in weight. An individual production is given by the flexible clamping force of our die-casting machines, which ranges from 100 to 2000 tons and thus offers great scope for individual casting productions.

We are also at our customers’ disposal for all questions concerning aluminium die casting. We are sure to develop a suitable solution with you!

machine park: 100 tons – 2.000 tons


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In addition to the production of high-quality die-cast products and prototypes, we are also happy to be your direct contact for all consulting questions.

You can reach us personally during the week from 07:30 - 18:00.

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