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Starting with the conceptual design, we will accompany you until the product is finished as you wish and imagine it.

Once we have worked out a concept together, a draft is first created, which is to be recorded in terms of design. PROTOCAST has trained specialists for this step. After that, the elaboration phase begins so that your product can later go into series production. The first design documents are created, after which a prototype can be produced and tested for the first time. This is to ensure that possible errors in the drawings are eliminated as quickly as possible. A so-called pilot series then checks whether all the auxiliary materials, such as special tools and devices, are suitable for series production. For economic reasons, in order to avoid rejects, a smaller initial series is advanced for larger series in order to guarantee trouble-free production.

Already in the design phase PROTOCAST offers you the technical support to realize a product in high quality. Due to our many years of knowledge in the development phase, we rely on a productive and at the same time high standard for the manufacture of components.

In doing so, we work with simulations that ensure the manufacturing process as such.


We also undertake the implementation and conception of high-quality prototypes in die-casting quality for our customers.

For the production of high-quality prototypes from castings, we use a special casting process that enables the precise implementation of prototypes as well as small series.

Our prototypes made from castings are directly aimed at improving the profitability of our customers: We want to produce precisely fitting prototypes in die-casting quality that are reliable in use and offer added value to the customer.

In order to achieve this, the tooling concept and the associated materials for construction are limited to the essentials, so that cost-effective production of the prototypes can then be implemented on our high-quality die-casting machines.

This gives our customers numerous advantages in having the prototype construction realized by means of die casting.

Whether a single piece or a large series – all prototypes produced by the casting process testify to an identical high quality and safety in application.

Which die-casting process is ultimately used to produce your prototype always depends on the specific wishes, needs and requirements of our customers.

We want to enable our customers to build precise, accurate prototypes with professional, application-specific prototype castings. In order to be able to meet the high quality requirements of our prototype casting products, we carry out our work in our internal foundry with only the highest quality machines and equipment. This enables us to carry out common casting processes precisely, which guarantees our customers prototypes in die-casting quality with the narrowest tolerance ranges and narrow wall widths.

When choosing a suitable process for prototype production, we are your first contact for all consulting questions. We want to develop an optimal solution together with you, which guarantees the construction of high-quality prototypes.

CNC milled prototypes

It is also possible to implement high-quality, application-specific prototypes using CNC machining. Here, too, we attach particular importance to the production of complex prototypes with high-quality, milled and turned parts, which have a high tolerance accuracy and thus guarantee long-term reliable use.

When milling innovative prototypes, we only use the most modern control technology and are therefore able to produce workpieces with high precision in a cost and time efficient manner.

We have a complex machine park – consisting of CNC-controlled machining centres, precision grinding and milling machines – to realise prototypes that are optimally adapted to the customer’s application and offer safety in use.

You can always rely on the experience of our engineers, who will advise you on the choice of a suitable process for prototype production.

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In addition to the production of high-quality die-cast products and prototypes, we are also happy to be your direct contact for all consulting questions.

You can reach us personally during the week from 07:30 - 18:00.

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