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Prototyping at Protocast.Successful

inspire and convince customers with innovative prototypes

Development of market-ready prototypes in the shortest possible time

Individual consulting in all project phases

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innovative prototype construction

We – Protocast – support companies from various industries in the development of innovative prototypes.

From the conception to the subsequent production of new prototypes:
Customers receive holistic solutions for the production of high-quality prototypes and can also rely on comprehensive advice – such as the selection of a suitable production method.

Our goal is always to develop prototypes that support our customers in the development of new innovations and that do not yet exist in this form.

Our prototypes are developed and implemented using various methods and are directly aimed at improving the customer’s profitability:
We aim to produce application-specific prototypes that support our customers in the development of new products by providing properties that are as close as possible to series production and economical manufacturing.

As a result, our customers can rely on precisely fitting prototypes that have been optimally adapted to specific requirements.

The development of high-quality prototypes can only be guaranteed by adhering to the strictest safety standards. Only through regular safety training and continuous further development of our processes can we develop attractive prototypes for our customers that function safely in various areas of application.

CNC Prototypenbau


We also take over the implementation and conception of high-quality prototypes in die-casting quality for our customers.

For the production of high-quality prototypes from castings, we use a special casting process that enables the precise implementation of prototypes as well as small series.

Our prototypes made from castings are directly aimed at improving the profitability of our customers: We want to produce precisely fitting prototypes in die-casting quality, which are reliable in use and offer added value to the customer. In order to achieve this, the tooling concept and the associated materials for construction are limited to the essentials, so that cost-effective production of the prototypes can then be implemented on our high-quality die-casting machines.

Die Casting
Die Casting
Die Casting
Die Casting

This gives our customers numerous advantages in having the prototype built using die-casting processes.

Whether a single item or a large series – all prototypes produced by the casting process testify to an identical high quality and safety in application.

Which die-casting process is ultimately used to produce your prototype depends on the specific wishes, needs and requirements of our customers.

We want to enable our customers to build precise, accurate prototypes with professional, application-specific prototype castings. In order to be able to meet the high quality requirements of our prototype casting products, we carry out our work in our internal foundry with only the highest quality machines and equipment. This enables us to carry out common casting procedures precisely, which guarantees our customers die-cast quality prototypes with the narrowest tolerance ranges and narrow wall widths.

When choosing a suitable process for prototype production, we are of course your first contact for all consulting questions. We want to develop an optimal solution together with you, which guarantees the construction of high-quality prototypes.

CNC milled prototypes

It is also possible to implement high-quality, application-specific prototypes using CNC machining. Here, too, we place special emphasis on the production of complex prototypes with high-quality milled and turned parts that have a high tolerance accuracy and thus guarantee long-term reliable use.

When milling innovative prototypes, we only use the most modern control technology and are therefore able to produce workpieces with high precision in a cost and time efficient manner.

We have a complex machine park – consisting of CNC-controlled machining centres, precision grinding and milling machines – in order to realise prototypes that are optimally adapted to the customer’s application and offer safety in use.

You can always rely on the experience of our engineers, who will advise you on the choice of a suitable process for prototype production.


Why prototyping?

Understanding complex structures

By means of prototyping, complex structures can be understood even before they are designed.

Minimization of manufacturing risks

Prototyping can reliably reduce the risks involved in production.

build confidence

Prototype construction creates trust – among the employees and customers involved!

Develop innovations

Prototyping is an important basic requirement for the development of innovations.

thrill customers

By means of prototype construction you can inspire your customers with your new product in advance.

Shortened development times

Through prototyping, possible errors can be quickly identified and corrected.

Our way to your innovation

Whether using die casting, CNC machining or sand casting: individual prototypes can only be guaranteed by a structured process and continuous development from analysis to development and post-processing. Here we give you an insight into our processes for ensuring the highest quality in the production of first-class, application-specific prototypes.

Get your individual offer now!

At the beginning of the prototype production, we arrange a first appointment with our customer for a consultation in which a concept is jointly developed. Here you tell us your goals as well as specific requirements that are made of the prototype. During the analysis we will especially focus on the needs and expectations of our customers.

Proposal preparation

After developing a concept, you will receive a non-binding offer from us (usually within 48 hours) for the production of your specific prototype requirements. Afterwards, trained specialists will create a digitalized draft.

Development and implementation

Throughout the development process, materials technology, engineering and laboratory activities are at the heart of our activities. This is the only way to ensure the highly economical production of high-quality prototypes with properties that are as close as possible to series production.

Our many years of experience and a high level of knowledge guarantee a productive and at the same time high standard already in the development phase of prototyping. In the production of so-called pilot series, all tools and devices are checked even before the construction, which guarantees a trouble-free production.


In the following we offer a fully automated production (using various methods for prototype construction) for the manufacture of your prototype requirements. Whether small or large series: during production we consistently pursue a zero-defect strategy, which is guaranteed for every required quantity.

The pursuit of the highest quality is part of our self-image, which is also reflected in the ongoing process and cost optimization. We want the best for our customers!


Our exceptional solutions guarantee first-class results or prototypes. Whether by means of heat treatment, joining technology, mechanical processing or state-of-the-art surface finishing technologies: our customers can rely on diversified post-processing that complements our process for prototype construction down to the last detail – and further optimizes your prototype.

After thorough testing, the prototype is now ready to simulate your product and finally market it.

All important information on prototype construction

You could be convinced of the numerous advantages of prototype construction? Here you will find all possibly relevant information about your next prototype.

Inform now – and benefit!


"Prototypes and prototyping" - what is that?

Protoyping generally refers to the approach to a product or service. As a result, prototypes are created, which are a first version of the desired result – i.e. the approximation to a product.

A prototype is therefore a first visualized draft of a new product – a new innovation! This can be both virtual and real.

It is often a simplified, but usually fully functional experimental model. At the beginning of the development process the prototypes are only roughly accurate and become more and more precise during the development process.

The goal of the prototype should be clear in advance in order to be able to make the best decisions about the required technology afterwards:
Thus, depending on which functionality of the prototype is to be tested, the focus can be placed on optics, haptics or functionality.

It is therefore hardly surprising that prototypes can differ in some respects – such as colour, shape or materials used – from the actual end product.

However, this is not a big deal, as the costs can be kept comparatively low by not including irrelevant elements of the prototype. In turn, the customer can invest these savings in the technical development of his innovation.

Prototype construction for every application

A high-quality, useful prototype must meet a number of specific requirements in order to enable customers to develop innovations in a particularly economical way.

Good’ prototypes are those with properties that are as close as possible to series production, easy to modify, quickly available and cost-effective to manufacture. For example, the production of a holistic prototype must be less cost-intensive than the production of prototypes using series components in order to prove to be as economical as possible for the customer.

Only then is it an efficient prototype that offers the customer advantages in the development process of new innovations!

In the production of high-quality prototypes for safe use in various applications, we can fall back on a number of different manufacturing processes.

Which manufacturing process is ultimately suitable for the construction of your prototype depends on your requirements.

How precisely should the prototype be manufactured? Which material should be used? What purpose should the prototype be used for?

Here too, you can rely on comprehensive advice from our experienced engineers, who always know exactly which manufacturing method is suitable for the application of your prototype.

high-quality prototypes - versatile applications

Prototypes are usually used in the context of product planning or preparations for series production.
Also possible is the realization of a pure single piece, which serves to present a certain concept.
Thanks to different methods of prototype construction, companies in numerous industrial sectors make use of prototypes.

In the following, you will find an overview of the most common areas of application for prototypes:

Plant and automotive engineering
The use of high-quality 3D technology enables us to produce complete prototypes and complete vehicle parts quickly and cost-effectively.

Machine and tool construction
In machine and tool construction, 3D printing is also used to produce suitable functional parts and tools for machines and systems. This offers numerous advantages in terms of costs, production time and flexibility.

Aerospace industry
Here, too, 3D prototype printing processes are used for the production of complex parts as part of series production.

Especially in the field of medical and dental technology, the application possibilities of prototypes are immense. Suitable implants can be produced in a 3D printer. On the other hand, 3D prototypes effectively support the preparation for surgery.

The printing of human organs or even stem cells will also be possible in the future.

Software Industry
It is also possible to implement a virtual prototype that simulates and displays software functions.

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In addition to the production of high-quality die-cast products and prototypes, we are also happy to be your direct contact for all consulting questions.

You can reach us personally during the week from 07:30 - 18:00.

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