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For first-class CNC machining.
CNC turning & milling

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high-precision, particularly thin-walled parts

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CNC Bearbeitung Drehen und Fräsen

CNC turning & milling

Our core competence in CNC machining is the safe production of complex parts with high tolerance accuracy.

Through the use of modern control technology, we are able to automatically produce workpieces with high precision even for difficult shapes. The CNC process is particularly worthwhile for series production, as it offers many advantages. For example, complicated workpieces can be produced which would either be too time-consuming and therefore expensive or not be produced at all without the use of this machine.

Furthermore, the dimensional accuracy is always constant and very precise. Since CNC machines work according to specified dimensions, scrap parts are kept to a minimum. Once again, this means: cost and time efficient, reduced set-up times, reduction of time-consuming tool changes by changing the program, faster tool guidance and a simultaneous relief of the machine operator. These are some, but not all advantages of the CNC process. We would be pleased to inform you personally about which method is best for your requirements: whether individual parts, small or large series.

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In addition to the production of high-quality die-cast products and prototypes, we are also happy to be your direct contact for all consulting questions.

You can reach us personally during the week from 07:30 - 18:00.

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