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We produce castings of various shapes.
From die casting to plastic injection moulding.

Casting production

Individual requirements – precisely implemented

We, Protocast, are your supplier for innovative die casting solutions. In close cooperation with our customers we handeled numerous projects.
In our production we process the materials: aluminum, zinc and magnesium. These offer various advantages in different applications. Therefore, our customers can rely on a wide range of high-quality cast products for their individual application.

Here too, you can rely on competent advice from our expert team. We will be pleased to advise you and work with you to find the best solution for your application.

Die casting: precise process – many advantages

With our innovative processes for casting production we can meet even the most complicated customer requirements.

Whether aluminum, zinc or magnesium – there are numerous advantages for customers on the high-quality die casting processes from PROTOCAST.

Die-cast products offer the customer smooth and clean surfaces and edges. This means that very precise products are manufactured that can be optimally integrated into the customer’s specific application.

The die-casting process also allows products with smaller wall thicknesses and tighter tolerance ranges than with other processes.

The die casting process is also a good choice, as it saves resources and thus contributes to long-term cost reduction, in addition to preserving the environment. The die-casting process thus results in exact, precise products, which is why further steps of finishing are not necessary.

A further advantage of our die-cast products is that the mechanical properties of the cast products can be easily extended by different alloys, which ensures safety in use even in critical (demanding) applications.

Die-casting – what is that?

Die casting is a casting process for series or mass production in which molten metal is pressed into steel moulds.

Thus, die casting is a fully automated process using different casting alloys (such as aluminium, zinc or magnesium) with a low melting point.

We carry out the die casting process in our internal foundry with high-quality die casting machines.

In order to guarantee our customers high and consistent quality of our cast products, the casting moulds (tools for die casting) are specially developed for each project on the basis of individual customer ideas.

A special feature of die-casting processes is the cost saving that is made possible by reducing further finishing steps. Products manufactured by the die-casting process are characterized by narrow tolerance ranges, as well as a high degree of consistency and dimensional accuracy of all components.

Die Casting: Sustainable?

The die casting alloys we offer are fully recyclable and thus make an important contribution to the long-term preservation of our environment. We also strive to carry out our work as efficiently and resource-sparingly as possible.

In order to remain a supplier of innovative die casting solutions for our customers in the long term, we also carry out ongoing analyses of our die casting systems so that they can be optimised in terms of their efficiency and precision in the long term.

Holistic die casting solutions: From planning to assembly

We offer our customers numerous, integrated solutions for every die-casting requirement.

In doing so, we only produce high-quality die-casting parts that have a high level of technical cleanliness.

It is also possible to extend the mechanical properties of the die-cast parts – by adding alloys – by adding mechanical properties. All of our die-cast products can thus be optimally adapted to the customer’s application and thus enable safe application.

We can also carry out a surface treatment by which the product can be provided with the surface properties you require.

In addition, we are your contact for all consulting questions regarding die casting and will be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable die casting solution.

From planning to installation

We realize your requirements.

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