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We offer you professional and innovative processes for high-quality zinc die casting.

For our zinc die casting we use a hot chamber process in which an additional construction ensures the connection between the furnace and the die casting mould.

This enables us to cast medium and large series reliably and accurately, taking into account the highest precision and quality requirements – and always exactly according to the requirements of our customers.

Zinc die casting process – what is it?

The zinc die casting process is predestined for the production of components with very thin-walled walls and at the same time high dimensional accuracy.

In this process, the liquid melt of a zinc alloy is poured into a die casting mould under high pressure and at high speed.

An advantage of the zinc die casting process is that the castings are of high precision, hardness and strength. Thus, this process – due to a relatively low melting point and a dense solidification interval – allows particularly tight tolerances and demanding surfaces to be implemented.

The cast products produced have excellent technical properties and a high degree of accuracy, so that no mechanical finishing is necessary.

Zinc die casting according to individual customer requirements

We offer our customers high-quality zinc die-cast products made to measure, which are precisely adapted to the individual requirements of our customers.

In addition to precise castings with the narrowest tolerances and demanding surfaces, our zinc die casting processes guarantee the customer a long service life of the manufactured tool.

We also attach importance to using as few materials as possible, which on the one hand is easy on our customers’ wallets and on the other hand ensures the long-term existence of our environment.

Zinc die casting with added value

Thus, our zinc die casting solutions are aimed at offering customers added value, which in the long term increases the profitability of their business.

We therefore offer high quality, comprehensive zinc die casting solutions that are precision-engineered down to the last detail, with minimal price and material consumption.

In addition to the conception and development of high-quality zinc die-casting products, we are also happy to be your first point of contact for all questions regarding zinc die-casting and to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Machinery: 15 tons – 230 tons


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