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Cold chamber process

In the aluminum die-casting process, aluminum is poured in a liquid state under high pressure into an individual steel mould, whereby we use the tried and tested cold chamber process.

Using the latest technologies, we carry out the aluminum die casting process with our internal machinery. Even the finest structures can be filled in by us down to the last detail.

We have one of the most innovative and versatile foundries in Germany and can offer our customers a comprehensive range of services with various casting processes.

Advantages of the aluminum die casting process:

Parts manufactured using the aluminum die-casting process are characterised on the one hand by high precision and low weight.

They have good chemical and mechanical properties such as high strength, conductivity, corrosion protection and weight reduction.

Thus, the aluminum die casting process is the most commonly used method for the mass production of high-quality castings and is used in numerous branches of industry.

Die-cast aluminium: individual, high-quality products

In our processes for aluminium die-casting, we use only the most advanced and modern technologies, which allows us to guarantee flexible and economical production.

We can therefore offer our customers tailor-made products that are exactly tailored to the respective application.

Our foundry is equipped with state-of-the-art automated casting cells, which enable the reliable casting of both medium and large series.

Depending on requirements, complex part geometries can be produced in the fully automated casting cells for small and large series from 1g to 16 kg in weight.

An individual production is given by the flexible clamping force of our die casting machines, which ranges from 100 to 2000 tons and thus offers great scope for individual casting productions.

We are also available to advise our customers on all questions concerning aluminium die casting. We are sure that we will find a suitable solution for you!

Machinery:100 tons – 2.000 tons


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